what you can to do in hurghada 2021 - 2022

what you can to do in hurghada 2021 - 2022

Hurghada, Egypt, has a bit of a rep as a resort town. Sure, beautiful beaches lining the crystal-clear shores of the Red Sea and some of the most incredible reefs and marine life in the world do tend to attract the luxury traveler. But is it backpacker friendly? Definitely! There are budget accommodation options to choose from, plus plenty of cheap food spots and free things to do in Hurghada, so this part of Egypt shouldn’t be skipped – no matter your budget.

Here some activates you can have in hurghada

Snorkeling in the Red Sea by million of sea trips choices
Jump in a submarine
Visit the mina Mosque
Go to a Bedouin BBQ in the desert
Have a walk at abou tig marina el gouna
Enjoy beach time
Have a shopping time at Dahar or senzo mall
You can visit Hurghada museum & sand city museum 

Hurghada Egypt weather

Hurghada weather in summer reaches high temperatures that may reach 40 degrees Celsius and the weather is dry, and Hurghada weather in winter is suitable to lie down and relax in Hurghada and enjoy the warm sunlight, and Hurghada is distinguished by its proximity to the Red Sea, which makes Hurghada suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and diving throughout Days of the year, autumn and spring are considered the most appropriate and best times to visit Hurghada Egypt and enjoy the most beautiful trip to Hurghada and practicing the various Hurghada activities.