Hurghada Things To Do

Hurghada Things to Do

Hurghada, Egypt is a tourist city on the Red Sea. The beautiful beaches and water make for an amazing vacation spot with plenty of things to do.

Hurghada’s Beaches Are Special

The water along the coast of Hurghada is breathtaking. You can dive into the water from one of the many beaches or go snorkeling to see what’s below the crystal clear water.

One of the best places to go snorkeling is Makadi Bay. You can follow fish as they swim under water. Then, you can take a tour of several reefs in the area. Some reefs are accessible from the beach, while others require a boat trip. You can find an operator who will help you organize a trip.

Another special attraction is Giftun Island. This sandy island is about one hour from Hurghada. There are nice coral reefs close to the island, which are great for snorkeling. There are a lot of companies that offer day boat trips.

Hurghada Also Offers Non-Water Attractions

After you’re done enjoying the beautiful water, you can find other things to do on dry land. Included is taking a camel ride, driving through the desert, or going on a “safari.”

Many hotels offer camel rides on their grounds. You can also take a camel ride while visiting Bedouins in the area. Just make sure you pay upfront because some camel owners will charge a fee to get on the camel, and then another fee to get off.